Argon helped SquareUp bring the power of NFTs into the arena of sports entertainment. We designed and developed a simple, intuitive front end experience, off-chain services to handle live data, multiple secure smart contracts and an integration with Chainlink VRF.

Web3, Chainlink, Design, Development, AWS


Web3, Chainlink, Design, Development, AWS

About SquareUp

SquareUp is bringing the power of NFTs into the arena of sports entertainment.

An on-chain sports betting game, SquareUp hosts daily sports contests with large prizes backed by low entry fees.

The SquareUp team is proud to be creating a new use case for NFTs with a sustainable model and a customized, native marketplace for direct peer-2-peer trading


Changing the game with a platform that onboards sports fans and crypto traders into the exciting world of NFTs is no easy feat. So, SquareUp asked Argon Web3 Futures to help with some big challenges:

  1. SquareUp need to keep entry fees low to fulfil their value proposition. To do this they needed to decide what goes on-chain vs. off-chain, in order to deliver great user experiences while minimising operating costs.
  2. SquareUp is reliant on a large volume of players in their daily contests. As a result, the platform had to handle many players and fair reward distribution.
  3. Sports betting relies on trusted, timely data to feed product logic. SquareUp needed to integrate data feeds of sports results as oracles e.g. sport fixtures and live results.
  4. Alongside trusted data, SquareUp had to demonstrate provably fair randomness for tie-breaking logic.


The Argon Web3 Futures team was up for solving these challenges.

  • We designed and developed a simple, intuitive front end experience that shielded players from a complex architecture of off-chain services, on-chain services and integrations.
  • Our partnership with AWS helped us to set up off-chain services to handle user, sport and match data.
  • We coded and deployed multiple secure smart contracts to manage reward distribution and calculation on-chain.
  • Our team implemented an integration with Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) for random number generation.


SquareUp is building the future of the massive sports entertainment industry. Their platform now has potential to bring the cost and user experience benefits of Web3 technologies to casual sports betters and crypto traders. We’re proud to support teams with ambitious Web3 uses cases in making their ideas reality.